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Scope Cover Butler Creek

Scope Cover will protect your scope from damage . So having one will give peace of mind plus saving you money get your scope cover today


Butler Creek Universal Bikini Scope Cover

Butler Creek Universal Bikini Scope Cover

The Butler Creek Universal Bikini ® scope cover is designed to fit all standard rifle scopes with objective bells up to 62-mm in outside diameter. It features 2 pliable, rubber-like cups joined by stretch retainers to create a tight moisture and dust-proof seal to protect your optics.

• Fits all standard rifle scopes with objective bells up to 62-mm in outside diameter
• 1-piece, quick clearing scope cover
• 2 pliable, rubber-like cups joined by stretch retainers

Butler Creek Blizzard Scope Covers

Butler Creek Blizzard Scope Cover

Butler Creek's Blizzard Scope Cover 's work on both the Ocular or Objective end of your scope and are designed to achieve superior, complete light transmittance.

• Dependable spring up covers work on both Ocular or Objective end of your scope
• Cover 's have tabs on both sides of the lid to be easily opened by right or left handed shooters
• Blizzard lenses are made from "optical grade" polymers that achieve most complete light transmittance of all see-thru covers
• Size 1: fits scope diameter 1.0 in - 1.05 in
• Size 2: fits scope diameter 1.3 in - 1.39 in
• Size 3: fits scope diameter 1.4 in - 1.49 in
• Size 4: fits scope diameter 1.5 in - 1.59 in
• Size 5: fits scope diameter 1.6 in - 1.69 in
• Size 6: fits scope diameter 1.7 in - 1.79 in
• Size 7: fits scope diameter 1.8 in - 1.89 in
• Size 8: fits scope diameter 1.9 in - 1.99 in
• Size 9: fits scope diameter 2.0 in - 2.10 in
• Size 10: fits scope diameter 2.3 in - 2.40 in
• Size 11: fits scope diameter 2.43 in - 2.50 in

Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Cover

Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Cover

Butler Creek 's Flip-Open ™ scope cover utilizes a watertight friction mount that anchors it securely to the scope while an airtight semi-O ring seals out dust and moisture. The spring activated lid pops open at the touch of a thumb with a silent action hinge

• Water friction mount anchors the cover securely to the scope
• Designed to perform under severe weather conditions and temperature ranges from +120 degrees to -40 degrees
• Airtight semi-O ring seals out dust and moisture
• Spring activated lids pop open at the touch of a thumb
• Silent action hinge
• Ergonomic button design has a non-slip surface for 1-touch action

Scopes on heavy recoiling firearms and spring piston airguns (which have a heavy "reverse recoil" caused by the piston reaching the end of its travel) suffer from a condition called scope creep , where the inertia of the scope holds it still as the firearm recoils under it. Because of this, scope rings must be precisely fitted to the scope, and tightened very consistently to provide maximum hold without putting uneven stress on the body of the scope. Rings that are out of round, misaligned in the bases, or tightened unevenly can warp or crush the body of the scope.
Telescopic sights are expensive, and require additional training to align. Sight alignment with telescopic sights is a matter of making the field of vision circular to minimize parallax error.



Specifications & prices subject to change without notice
Guidance information only - When ordering Rifle Scope please check for the latest information

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